In this difficult time, as you scan the internet for the right cremation urn, you're swamped with hundreds of urn choices ranging from ordinary to kitsch to outright strange.  Take heart - you'll find exceptions.  For many people in your shoes the search has finally ended at an unlikely little clearing in the woods - a rural heartland workshop - a cluttered scene of tools, work benches, & projects.  Along with sculpture & furniture, I have for decades been making a different kind of urn for relieved, enthusiastic folks coast to coast.  Here they find exquisite craftsmanship & practicality - & most importantly, a simple, surprising beauty.  I know my urns aren't for everyone, but I think you'll enjoy a look.

- DAVID ORTH, designer/craftsman

  • The cremation urn openings are hidden on the bottom of the urns (or on the back as noted) and can be opened & closed as needed.

  • Handmade ceramic urns: $375.

  • Museum quality bronze urns.  Custom colors, inscriptions & sizes.  Starting at $1250.

  • Standard urns are returnable for any reason whatsoever. 

  • Read what regular folks & bigwig critics have to say.  Orth's urns were featured in the Los Angeles Times, October 2015: "Artisanal Urns"