"David Orth makes sculptural bronze urns that are my favorite of all the ones I found during my research. They look primitive enough to be timeless, with a monumental look on a small scale. I would want any of these in my home even if there wasn’t [a need for it]. The combination of form, material, and patina is worthy of an eternal resting-place.”  

Eric Siry - past creative director: Rolling Stone & Wired magazines


  • A dozen museum-quality bronze & ceramic cremation urns starting at $375. 

  • Custom colors, inscriptions, & sizes available for metal urns.

  • The cremation urn openings are hidden on the bottom of the urns (or on the back as noted) & can be opened & closed as needed.

  • Standard urns are returnable for any reason whatsoever. 

  • Read what folks have to say.  Orth's urns were featured in the Los Angeles Times, October 2015: "Artisanal Urns"