Welcome.  As much as I enjoy the occasional publicity or being in a gallery, I'd much rather just make art for real people dealing with real life.  Because of this, I've made a lot of tables and a lot of cremation urns.  This website compiles a dozen or so of my favorite urn designs - perhaps one of them will suit your need. I strive for exquisite craftsmanship, a simple elegance, & soulful detail.

- David Orth, sculptor


  • The cremation urn openings are hidden on the bottom of the urns (or on the back as noted) and are sealed tightly with solid brass screws.

  • Personal inscriptions, different sizes, and several colors are available.

  • The bronze urns are suitable for indoors or outdoors in a garden.  

  • Orth's urns were featured in the Los Angeles Times, October 2015: "Artisanal Urns"

  • Read what regular folks & bigwig critics have to say.