Photo:  Diane Drake  2018

Photo: Diane Drake 2018

Photo: Barbara Judd Orth 1960

Photo: Barbara Judd Orth 1960

"Orth's art is amazing, overwhelming . . . the primal vs the ethereal . . . rock and roll, the blues, arias."
 - author James A. Mangum,

The haunting, minor-key beauty of David Orth's art emerges from the human paradox - the great gifts of life and its great sorrows.  As a professional designer & sculptor, David always honored unexpected requests for urns, giving them the same care & attention as to any major project.    Ten years ago, an artist friend urged him to gather these little-known projects into one place & make them available to a broader public.  He adds new designs regularly.

David’s woodworking, metalworking, & ceramics studio is nestled in the rural hill country just northwest of Chicago.  His specialties are sculpture, furniture, & ceremonial objects.  Please visit his main website,, for more information.

David is a regular guy.  Don't hesitate to contact him with your questions or ideas.